Forestry Best Management Practices for Water Quality Protection, 2nd edition.
State of Rhode Island standards. Tyvek booklet -- good for field use.
$5 (includes shipping)

Note: This publication is free with RIFCO membership.

RI Conservation Management Practices Guidebook.
Includes the following Fact Sheets:

  • Alternative Forest Uses
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Farm, Forest, Open Space
  • Water Quality Protection
  • Glossary of Forestry Terms
  • Urban/Wildland Interface

Note: The Tyvek version of this publication is free with RIFCO membership.

Helping Trees Recover from Stress: A Guide for Homeowners
Booklet by US Forest Service.

Woodscaping: Today's Forest, Tomorrow's Legacy: A Guide For Small Acreage Woodland Owners
Presented by URI Cooperative Extension's Rhode Island Home*A*Syst program and Southern New England Forest Consortium, Inc., this is an online version of a new factsheet series for small acreage woodland owners in Rhode Island. Designed for distribution as a complete set, these factsheets provide educational information and resources that are geared towards the interests and goals of this rising group of "new" forest owners.

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Forest Business Opportunities
This series of brochures and fact sheets includes:

  • Ginseng as a Sustainable Land-Based Business
  • Cultivating Mushrooms
  • Gathering Wild Mushrooms
  • Maple Syrup
  • Forest Recreation

The Forest Certification and Assessment Process under the RI Farm, Forest, and Open Space Act
A brochure produced by RIFCO with information forest landowners need to determine their eligibility for the forest assessment and the procedure required to enroll.

The Forest Conservationist
A quarterly newsletter published by RIFCO. Request a free sample or become a RIFCO Member and receive this publication throughout the year.

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Foresters and the Care of Your Land – How to Select One and What They Do
A brochure that provides objective information on how to identify, evaluate, and retain a private forester to manage your forestland. It includes developing a management plan, timber cutting, and other useful information. Published by Southern New England Forest Consortium, Inc. (SNEFCI).

RI's Farm, Forest, and Open Space Valuations
This brochure on recommended values and summary guide to RI's current use tax law is published by RI State Conservation Committee, RI Rural Lands Coalition, RI Association of Assessing Officials, and local Tax Assessors (Nov. 2000).

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